There is a grocery store we shop at that is a bag your own grocery place. Some folks buy bags, some will use the cardboard boxes that the stock people put on the counter as they empty them, some have reusable bags, there is a green container that people can donate bags to  for others to use and some people use them, or some people  take the cart out looking like this.

I have watched people go to their cars, open a trunk and individually put their groceries in whatever container they have in their car.

Today however, I watched as this woman, with a cart filled way above the edges (food and canned goods balancing on one another, and 4 cases of soda on the bottom shelf ) leave the store and head home with this incredibly full cart.

I felt bad for her , as she appeared to not be all there, maybe had some mental health disorder, maybe due to medications. And I felt puzzled that she did not take the used bags people put in the large container and just use them . She was talking to herself and laughing at times as she was in the store, and she had so many groceries in this cart, I am wondering what the heck she does when she gets home ! Individual groceries, carrying them into her home.

She appeared to have flannel or stretch pants on, loose shoes that flopped as she walked, a purse that kept falling off the mound of groceries and dropping in the road, and she had difficulty pushing the very full cart  over bumps and turning it. Her gait was slow, steady, but almost like it was an effort to take each step. Her hair hung below her shoulders and was stringy. I wondered about her life? Whose daughter is she? Is her mom still alive? Does she have any brothers or sisters? Any children? A spouse? A friend?

Here I sit, posting and feeling really sad for this image in my mind of this woman.  Wondering if she lives in a basement level or upper level home. Wondering how many stairs she has to individually carry these groceries. 100_4085 As my washer is cleaning the clothes, sheets and towels changed, the furnace heating the house, the crock pot simmering taco meat mix, a loving husband at my side, a special niece reading in the living room, a dog flopping around with his squeaky toys and wet tennis balls, and a cat nestled in the babies crib..I feel blessed,  and as I am about to wipe down the bathrooms and kitchen, and dust the house, sweep the floors,…I am wondering what she is doing right now.

I lit a candle for her, whomever she is. I am weird ..maybe.. but when I am touched by situations- I light candles for those involved.  She is one person I have lit my candle for today. There are others… but for this post, I dedicate it to her… whomever she is. What a tough appearing life she might have. Love to all, Cindy.. Mrs justa