Moments we cherish in our lives. Like the birth of our children, the first step they take, watching them bring special creations home form school, their first tooth to come in, their first tooth to come out. Their first poopy in the toilet, their last diaper to be changed. Scan0002 Their first words, their first smile, their first Mothers Day Card that they actually did, their first I love You. I was blessed with one natural child of my own, And all of the above moments make me realize that being a mom is so very rewarding, so blessed a gift from God to be able to have these moments, gifts, just for me to feel with my child. Just for you to feel with your child.

In my mind I see back to times of rocking him and reading him books, watching him try to color with the really thick crayons, watching him sleep, having his little arms hug my neck, having him sleep on my shoulder, or seeing the sparkle in his eyes when I came to pick him up from day care. His giggle.. oh I can not even begin to describe that giggle. It was contagious, he had a lot of allergies as a child so when he giggled sometimes his throat would make100_0515 a cracking sound and that would make him giggle more. I just would laugh and laugh. There are more moments to come, but none, I mean none will compare to  my dance with my son at his wedding.  I think this is because it was a moment when I knew he was starting a totally new chapter in his life, and I would always be mom, but he was now going to be someone’s husband. Same people we remain, but our roles change some.

I had been thinking about him and his wife and their child , and each time I see them together, I see them display the same joy I recall feeling. There is nothing in this life of mine that will ever compare to being a mom. For some reason God believed I was able to take the challenge and run with it, to raise one of His children, and I must say I gave it my all. I always wanted to be the mom  a kid would be proud to have, and I think in most ways I was. I always tried to give him room to grow and learn, but still made him accountable for everything he did.  I am not the smothering mother, and I swore I would not be an annoying grandmother or mother-in-law. I am there for them, but not so close they feel crowded by me. 

I guess I am thinking so much about this, as today begins another year since my mom and dad died. They both died on 11-3- my dad in 1963 and my mom in 1998. As that day comes to be, I remember them and I miss them so much… but it causes me a moment to  reflect on my own motherhood. Those are times no one can take from me, nor any of you who are parents. These moments are special, they are really one reason why I believe I was created, to be his mom. Mrs Justa…. Cindy