Ethical dilemma, moral decisions, life and challenges. I just finished a book that was about an ethical dilemma. Wikepedia defines this as “ a complex situation that will often involve an apparent mental conflict between moral imperatives, in which to obey one would result in transgressing another.” This was definitely one of those situations.

The parents of this book had a child with leukemia. And to save this child’s life they knew that they will need a perfect genetic match to donate blood, bone marrow, and most recently a kidney. Well they conceive a child that they had via invitro fertilization  to make sure it would be a genetic perfect match.

For years when the leukemia daughter needed genetic donations, the planned daughter was the one who was exposed to a multitude of procedures, to save her sister. Well this child grows into a 13 year old, and her sister now needs a kidney. The 13 year old does not want to go thru any more surgeries, or so the story leads us to believe, and she sues her parents for emancipation. So she can make her own decisions.  This brought to me a lot of deep thought. About how as an ever evolving society, how we may not value human life and choices. All human life, not just one side of it. Did anyone stop to think of the pain this child conceived for the purpose of donating, how much pain she would go through? Did anyone consider how she must have felt self worth wise, that she was not a daughter, but instead a donor.

This then led my mind to go into the world of the hospital or nursing home. When we sometimes may make choices. My mother in law was in her 90s when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She was taken into surgery for a hysterectomy, the long and short of it was the surgeon found upon opening her that the cancer was spread throughout her abdomen, around her bowels. This poor women ended up with a colostomy and at least one other surgery. Never really had the quality of life she was accustomed to prior to the hysterectomy and everything that followed.100_4131 She was a special lady, so dainty, so private, and here she is, her hands partially affected with arthritis, having difficulty attaching a colostomy bag, more difficulty accepting it and emptying it. For that last year, would she not have been better being kept safe and comfortable? I sometimes wonder where we loose the ethical, moral thoughts and take on trying to be God. It  is tough, tough to see someone die, and in  that last year she had she passionately  finished a HUGE needlepoint of wolves heads for her grandson… my son.  Would she have been able to do this without the surgery, I think she would have, but I can not know for sure… I have to wonder though, why we support a hysterectomy on a person over 90 years old. Maybe that was her way to leave this world for another place.

I think we need to stop and really look at the whole picture.

It is tough, I was a part of an ethical committee at a hospital I worked at, and it is tough. For it is easy to get tunnel vision and not see the whole picture. This book got me thinking about that. Maybe I needed it to make me think. Love to all, and memories and prayers to my mother in law who died about 9 years ago. Cindy… Mrs Justa