Halloween, a time for us to be something we are not. Maybe something we admire, something we wish we were, something spooky, something sweet. Ya never know what you will see at Halloween.

We went for our regular Saturday morning breakfast our at a local restaurant in town. There is a guy that works there who is very tall, thin and looks a little like Morgan Freeman.

About 8 months ago we were in there and an older lady at the  next table looked at him and said.. has anyone told you that you look like Morgan Fairchild.

Well quite a few of us in the restaurant got a laugh out of it, because there is a big difference between Morgan Freeman and Morgan Fairchild.

Well I had to laugh , because this morning, he had water balloon breasts, a long blond wig, gold sparkly stuff on his arms and neck, a short skirt and v neck red woman’s top on. I could not resist saying that “ now you do look like Morgan Fairchild!”

So as this is Halloween, I wonder if he did this because of that day 8 months ago?? Or if it was just coincidental the long blonde hair and sleeky outfit.

Now this restaurant in not huge- it is a rather snug fit around the table. One of the other employees came in as a ballerina. But it was an inflatable costume.

There must be a battery operated blower in the costume, and it sticks out pretty far. Every time she went to clear a table , her costume overlapped onto the table and got into the food. It was a poor choice for the environment, but a great costume. It was funny. She is not a tiny woman to begin with, and this costume really was a good choice for her. But she did not succeed in wearing it too long, while we were there another waitress had to wash off the tutu because it had gotten into dirty plates.

Halloween has opened the door for people to be imaginative.


I have had a few flops for costumes. image I thought they came out good– but weather made them not such a good choice. One year I got these really thick absorbent  brown towels , white felt, and made Jeff an M&M bag. his Mask was a paper plate painted with green M&M color poster paint. This was a great costume….until it started pouring. He was 7 yrs old, and the further we walked, the greened his face got ( as the poster paint ran in the rain) and the more buckled his knees got. Lets just say those towels really were absorbent.

One year – he was 5- we made him a dice.image Well is snowed that night, and he could not see where he was walking because the box stuck out so far. We were on a sidewalk in Geneva and he tripped. It was a decline- so here is this kid- arms and legs flailing as he is sliding in his box down the sidewalk. It was pretty funny- not for him. But as he looks back – I am sure he can see the humor in it now.

So be safe everyone.. and Happy Halloween. Remember at 2AM – the clocks get turned back .  Love to all… Cindy