This week has been tough. Yes trying. I was thinking of an analogy of playing ping pong with 2 people at once. Picture that, two paddles in your hands and watching 2 ping pong balls at once. I wonder how long I could actually do that. (this is from google images..)


In the environment I work in, the days fly by. I am not kidding you, I look at the clock and it is 3PM. This week I have been at work between 6:30-7 each morning, and not hopping back in my car till 6:- 7:20 PM. I do not feel like I just was there 12 hrs, but on the way home I begin to feel my brain start to unwind. All the information, all the different things happening, I am not quite sure how I juggle it all,… oh I find myself making some silly blurps.. like getting up on a mission- and having 2 people stop me to ask me questions, then not knowing where I was going. Gone- Zip… I need to be like this dude and have post- its on the brain. (this is from google images..)

Life is ever changing, and right now we have new business coming on which means changes, we have existing clients with amendments being added more changes… there are changes every day, ways to improve processes, or needs to change the way certain things are handled.

100_4380 As you know some people take change with a challenge. Me I find it a challenge to present it in such a way that it is not threatening or overwhelming. And I like doing it. I think I find a kinda of peace in solving potential situations before they happen. Knowing there is no set pattern, no guarantee.

Yes life is full of changes- and tonight- even though he told me I could not take a photograph of the surprise… Markie made dinner. Wow , how different to walk in the door with dinner on the table, the aroma of the food and the seasoning he experimented with, a fresh cold glass of milk… changes. That was special.. that was nice… and he did tell me it was like Halley’s comet… hee hee… I am a patient woman… I can wait for my next surprise meal after Halley comes to pay a visit to the celestial skies. But it was nice tonight. A healthy sized portioned hamburger, 1/2 a baked potato, 3 bean  salad and even a few perogies. He "done good" as he will say. Thanks Markie… it has been a tough week, and you just made it a little better.

I am not long for this evening… need to get some rest to go at it again tomorrow. ( Not complaining… just stating that this week has challenged the brain) Got my flu shot today at work… YES>>> we were worried cuz the supply is getting low. Plan to take a hot shower, my book for a bit with the YANKEES game on.. and get up early again tomorrow ….yep life is good. Love to all , Mrs justa!

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