Okay I used to think this was a cool toy, one that every kid should have, one that helped kids take out frustrations and tire themselves out at the same time. But it hit me this week ( no pun on words) that I am this toy! And all angles of life are aiming for my cute red nose!

On Friday I had a little bit of trash in the car garbage can, so I thought I would throw it in the dumpster at work, as it was leaking a little. So as I opened the gate to the dumpster ,  Then BAM , the gate latch dropped down on my arm and grabbed it. YOUCH! I have a bruise that really hurts. I was just glad I had 2 layers of shirts on, or I think  it would have eaten my arm!

Then BAM Saturday a special man died, and he is the dad of someone I have known for 46 years. I feel bad for her, feel bad for her family. Sunday I spoke with her about everything she is going thru, she is a good person, it is hard to see her hurt.

Then BAM Monday, at work we find out we are getting a SURPISE visit it going to happen in 1 week by an agency that inspects every aspect of our department. AHHH it is so stressful when they come, not because we do not do everything correctly, but because it is like someone coming to visit in your home who is a neat freak, or very higher level of finances then I am. Fortunately we do audits every month, and we train and train again to be sure everyone is consistent in their determinations and processes.

BAM this morning the radio in the bathroom won’t turn on… bummer… I like to listen to it every morning as I am getting ready for work.

BAM the eye doctor talking about needing to do cataract surgery sometime in the future. ( Kinda creepy thinking about him removing the lenses in my eyes and replacing them with fake ones) What if I sneeze- would the lenses pop out?


( above is from GOOGLE IMAGES_ after and before surgery)

I remember taking care of pts that had this surgery done,   and if the room was dark and we were going in with our little flashlights to check the IV fluid level or see how the meds were running- if the pt was awake- their eyes glowed like a deer’s eyes at night. The doc does state that when he does it, I might not need my glasses any more… ( wow a non-BAM maybe)

BAM BAM today, checking everything, inspecting all the nooks and crannies of our every day responsibilities. BAM BAM- employees out because of flu, or sick family member, BAM seems like peoples anxieties are at a high.

BAM BAM- Mark and I used to think we were part of the “A” list of a certain few people… but we are finding out we have been bumped off the "A" list. ( You know who you are…. )Hee Hee

100_3440 BAM BAM BAM I can’t wait till tomorrow !. The anxiety at work is high, the full moon is around the corner… actually due on the day of our visitor. YIKES> BAM BAM.

I feel like I should have black and blue eyes. Watch out for my cute red nose when you wind up for the next slug. I hope your week is going better then mine !. Love to all, Mrs Justa ….