We all are so different, yet so similar. We all have agendas of some sort, we all have goals we set forth to do. To each of us there is a reason for the goals, and to each of us we have our own levels of comfort and determination.

I found this scene just intriguing as we watched this man and his dog travel out into the bay, which was at the mouth of the ocean. It was a boat smaller then I would feel comfortable on, and a boat I imagine I would have trouble climbing in and out of. I am terrified of small boats. I wasn’t always, but one time, long ago, I was at a church camp in the Adirondacks, in April, and there was a boat like this one, and the guys were telling me to get in, you step on the side with one foot, and then swing in your other leg real quick… It was a chilly early spring day, the water crystal clear, me in a HEAVY cardigan sweater that had been my dads- I kept it after he died, it brought me comfort. Well I got the foot on the one side and the boat toppled leaving me sitting on the bottom of the lake unable to move. The comfortable sweater was holding me down. I could see everyone pointing and laughing at me, but I was stuck… Once the guys knew I was not moving they jumped in and saved me, so rest assured, I lost my Faith in those guys, in row boats, in a moment it was gone. So I know I would not copy this man and dog in a similar adventure with our dog. But what freedom they had, they do not appear to be lacking in faith.


We all have faith in what we do, or we would not do it.

Who do you believe in?

Who do you trust?

Who do you call family?

Who is your friend?

What kind of friend are you?

This man, I felt he was grounded. If he had not other friends, this dog was his friend. He must of had faith to venture out in the water like that. I wonder if that was his livelihood? If he lived simple, and treasured moments instead of things. 100_4455

What do you treasure? What could you live without? Life is so special…. I think sometimes there are moments when we must all learn to have more  faith.

My love to all… and peace to MR Crosby, who passed on to his reward last evening. He is in a better place. A place without suffering or pain. Thanks to him for some special memories, he taught me how to have friends I did not know, and to have faith. … Love Cindy.. alias Mrs justa.