Today was one filled with emotions. I mean heart wrenching, tear in the eyes emotions. I have this fire to symbolize a VERY LARGE candle for all those hurting.

First for the family whose 7 year old, beautiful little girl who was found in a landfill in Georgia. May the perpetrator burn in Hell. May the family find some sort of strength in one another and in prayer.

Then at work- bam bam bam. I felt like I was in a boxing match with people throwing terrible events in their lives at me. I feel horrible for each of these people. One person came into my cubicle, she looked pale, tired, troubled. She said.. “I want to tell you something, but I can not discuss it. I have to say it and leave.” So I said “Okay”

She said “ Tobie ( her 13 yr old dog) took a turn for the worse last night, and I had to put him down. “ Then she turned and left. BAM— I felt her pain… it sucks to have to put an animal to sleep. It will take days before she will be able to talk. I will respect her wishes and give her time. She knows I am there for her.

100_4367 Then a woman that works with me… my golly we have known each other since 1963!! She came in and sat down and very softly said. “ Dad is dying.. he has a week to live." BAM !!! Her dad is the most wonderful man I know. ( Except for Mark of course!) He was a very good business man, a compassionate man, and I have loved him for the special things he did for my family since I was 10. My dad died suddenly when I was 10. He knew my dad for only 6 weeks before he died. Yet he helped us out of compassion for years . My dad’s death left my mom with 6 kids, and no formal education. She struggled to keep us together as she went to college and earned her teaching degree. We lived on Social security. We were not wealthy at all. This girls father owned a local grocery store, and on holidays he would help my mom out by giving her some money for food, or he would assign each of us kids an isle in his grocery store, we had a certain number of minutes he gave us each a shopping a cart. HE told us we were to  get food from our designated isle – and at the end  of the isle we were to bring our cart to the front of the store- – mom always had the meat area..we met in the front  of the store and he had my mom cash out, then he signed the receipt. We were not greedy, we were thrifty and did not choose extra stuff, we were very conscientious of this gift. HE did this until my mom had her degree and was able to pay for things without a struggle. my mom was proud, and he respected that, there were so many things he did , for no other reason then he saw a need and felt good fulfilling it. So to him, I dedicate this post, and I pray his end of life will go smoothly.

100_2544 Then a third co worker came in, she has just recently moved to Syracuse from Florida, and her buddy, her 11 yr old dog, has been having trouble walking. She took her to the vets, this afternoon the vet told her the dog has bone cancer. So we wept about that too.

Boy, what a tough day for all these folks. Life was never supposed to be easy… and whew it was not today… and I am just the listener.. although I feel for them each. And for my friend whose dad is dying, he was like a dad to me in a way. Peace to all, love always, Mrs Justa…