Okay, I think I am over the Walgreens episode. 9730_168442527944_621277944_2854319_1891659_n[1]So I will return to my normal self/ Whatever normal self self is. I can not begin to tell you how much I enjoy being a grandmother. We went over yesterday evening for a dinner. Brandon is walking pretty well now, and tottles all around. He has this smile where he squinches up his face almost like he just sucked on a lemon. 

He went on an excursion to Washington DC with his dad, mom  and “Uncle Gary” last week. The parental units said he traveled very well. I just love this photo. Gary had it on facebook so I stole it for my blog. (Thanks Gar… 🙂

That is the face- it is almost like he is so filled with joy it is coming out of his face.

It was a refreshing evening. I love spending time with Jeff and Amanda. They are very good parents. It is good to see Jeff do all the hands on daddy stuff. I can see them palling with “projects” as Brandon gets a little older. Maybe he will have his own little tools…..



I just love this shot- they ended up totally stopped in traffic, for 2 + hrs. So they did unhook Brandon from his seat as they sat there. Once the traffic started rolling- he was fastened back up- but this photo shows his curiousness of the situation. It is neat to see the kids start to process thoughts, and cause and actions.

As a parent we are zoned in on the day to day 24 hr a day responsibilities of raising our children, but as a grandparent- I find I have lost that deep focus, and now can enjoy things so much more. I absolutely LOVED every minute of being Jeff’s mom as I was raising him, there is not one moment I would have wanted to live without. But I know there were moments that happened where I might have been distracted from the moment by things I still had to do.

So I thank God for grandchildren- for having me make it through parenting and advance to this incredible role. I hope each of you had a special moment this weekend too. With love, Mrs justa grandma