Okay, today stunk ! Figuratively and literally, and I can’t believe that this happened! But it was really a strange experience. I was at Walgreens and it hit me… you know the feeling of “Oh my goodness…. where is the bathroom??’ This was one of those moments when the shortest path from where I was to where the bathroom was needed to be found quickly.

I was relieved that I had to turn on the light to the 2 stall bathroom  because that meant I could go in, quickly do my business and leave unnoticed. I knew I had to go, ( I HAD TO GO BAD!!) but had no idea how.. shall I say odorous it was going to be. ……Are you getting the picture here????

So I flew in, lights on , went to the stall furthest from the door- closest to the air freshener, and prayed ( funny thing to pray about ) that I could poop and run.

Well my prayer was far from answered. I could hear God saying- "Are ya kidding me? There are people who need me for faith, for guidance… see ya kid… "  So there I was, and let me tell you, I was wondering what the heck died inside of me! Whoa- it was BAD!! So I am trying to reach behind me and blindly find the flusher as I sat there… I could not reach it, so I tried to quickly finish my task. and all of the sudden the door to the restroom opens. A lady comes in and sits in the next stall as I am cleaning up.. , it was feeling like her stall was really close at that time…  I tried to scoot to the sink and escape before she came out, NO WAY did I want my face to be synonymous to the odor.

Well God was up there laughing, I am sure of it, as I am frantically reaching for a paper towel the employee comes out of the  stall. I had no idea what to say.. " Sorry " seemed kinda convicting… so I smiled at her. As I reached for the door she said " Whoa!!! What is wrong with this bathroom? Smells like sulfur.. no maybe a backed up sewer.!!"  Well I am not going to admit to being the creator of the smell then. So I nodded and left. Did my shopping and headed to the register. I could hear her going ON AND ON to the manager about the bathroom and sewer being backed up. 

She was saying to her boss " I remember when the cities sewers backed up, I will never forget that smell, and that is what the bathroom smells like. "

She has eye contact with me – and she is the only cashier- so I have to face her. She looks at me and says " I told my boss.. he is on his way back there, this is a new store, too new for sewer problems.. "  I smiled and said  " I hope he figures it out… " and I left before he came back.. How  embarrassing… how unlike me… I am glad today is thru. Love to all… Mrs justa stinking up the joint (Image from google images.)