What do you look forward to for your birthday? Is there something special that you do? Or is there a tradition that is kept? Do you let your birthday go without a blink or notice? I have a birthday coming up in a few weeks. And I have noticed a tradition that I have no control over, absolutely no control. The only control I have is to be observant to notice the tradition living on.

I am not sure when I realized it always happens on my birthday. Sometime the day before, but it always is there. Every year , I believe that God paints me a rainbow in the sky.

This photo is borrowed from “freephoto.com” because my rainbow from yesterday was brilliant, but my camera was home in the office at the time. It is comforting, it is a gift, it is something that can not be explained or wrapped, it is what I believe. Sure some may think I am a whacko, some may think I am delusional, but I have noticed a pattern, a tradition, each year at my birthday, I can not deny it.

I remember one day, long long ago, when Jeff was about 10 years old. We were driving early one morning on the way to my moms, as she watched him when I went to work. On the news they were taking about a tsunami that wiped out a village, many people died, and Jeff said “I think God is an Artist mom. Each time something happens or someone dies, he paints a picture in the sky. It is there for an instant then gone, for there are a lot of pictures to paint. Sometimes it might be a painting of something special to the person who died, or maybe it is a painting of the person or pet that died. It can be of the event that caused the death “…..As he said that I looked up at the clouds , at where he was pointing….

and saw what appeared to be a HUGE wave, like the one that wiped out that village in Sept 1992 in Nicaragua . 

It was at times like this that I felt the innocence of a child ,the wonder of God, and the reality that we are but a spec in the scheme of things. For where would a summation such as this come from? But once it was shared with me, I constantly look to the sky to see what paintings I can see. Since then I have seen painting of our dogs, of our friends, of a seagull- my mom loved seagulls, of an angel… my sister loved angels… the list goes on and on. So watch the sky and see what you can see. Love Mrs Justa.