Yesterday was fun. we had both Mackenzie and Brandon. Our kids were here too, but it was different because we have had the kids together, but to have the grandkids together that was special.

My one brother and his wife were here, and it was great to see them interact with everyone. We always have so much fun with them too.

It brought to the surface, what life it all about to me. We have the ho-hum events of every day, things that just are- like bills, alarm clocks, responsibilities, the house, the chores. These things never change, in 10 years the bills will still be there, the alarm clock will look the same ( unless I smash it between now and then) laundry, dusting cleaning will be needed every week. 100_4357

But people, families , grand children, that changes.

It was so good to see Jeff and Josh talk about dad stuff , Amanda and Adrianne talk about the mom stuff, to have Jeff and Adrianne see each other and converse and best of all to see the cousins meet.

Brandon would look at Mackenzie, smile and then go off to play with the “grandparent” toys we have here.   Toys that the grand kids will know are here when they come to visit,

Families need to get together more then at weddings and funerals. I was standing ain a funeral line a couple of weeks ago, and this person said… “ I haven’t  seen you since so and so died”  It was so sobering to think that the events in life keep us away from each other, and the next time you see the person they might be dead !

Kids grow so fast, life experiences are for us to share with each other. Jeff and Amanda, Adrianne and Josh.. they are brothers and sisters really, and the kids are cousins. How great to see them all together. We shall all do this again, soon ! Love to all, what a great day !. Mrs Justa grandmother and a proud mommy