We are facing another wet evening, cold chill in the bones, and fall feels like it is being cuddled by winters arms. So soon. So very soon those arms will chill the rain to snow. 

Oh I know it is in the 40s right now, but those big rain drops slapping on the windows bring fresh the memory from afar of those wet lake effect snow flakes. The ones that fall with a plop sound, and are too heavy to shovel very well. You do not shovel a large chuck of wet snow in a Teflon snow shovel, for you will break the handle or the shovel.

It was a later then normal night at work. 100_4130 The grips of management clutching at my thoughts. I did all management work today, reports, and researching, and absolutely no cases. I depended on the team of very dependable staff to keep the work flow going. I feel a little worn out tonight. It is hard at times to do all that needs to be done, to do it fairly, to help support people and train them and always having in the back of my mind that I am helping to make sure each person has a satisfying working environment. I try to be calm, to listen, to never cause a person to feel threatened or insignificant.

We do that, don’t we, everywhere we go. I think most of us want to make the spot in life we are in a better place to be. Do you ever set out to make it worse? I do not. If I am anywhere, I try to be aware of my surroundings and see if there are any opportunities to make it a little nicer. I do not think I am better then anyone, and actually look up to many whom I admire.

I wish I knew someone who would come over and make my computer better then it is right now. It has started messing up, when I go to copy and paste a photo, it pastes only a part of the photo- not the whole picture. I think that maybe it is in need of the computer store, to be refurbished, cleaned up, straightened out. I am not a computer person, I turn it on and want it to work. But there has to be someone out there who is, who looks to make each computer better then it was when they got it.

So I am on a mission…. I need a computer doctor…. sigh…. I really hate when the computer makes me feel inept…. sigh… please [pray for a speedy recovery for my computer. Love always, mrs justa…