Hang on to your keesters! Hang on to your flags, hope you have the windows closed in your car and no weak trees in the vicinity of your houses!

Yesterday I was up at the gym, feeling pretty proud of myself, treking at a 6.5 degree incline at 3 miles per hr, huffing and sweating, I was on a mission to nowhere fast. Then all of the sudden a red radar screen flashed up, with a warning that there was a severe thunderstorm ready to hit our area in about 20 minutes. So I scooted the incline up another degree or so and then slowed the treadmill down , I knew it was garbage day, and did not want it to take a new meaning of garbage day spewed  throughout our yard.   So I got home before it hit. lickety split. Just in time to come in , let Indi out for a quick pee and baton down the hatches. It was like a hurricane! Look at the rain whipping off that roof.

The watery was gushing off the roof, and I began to wonder  about folks who do not have homes to live in.   How frightening it must be. I was nervous standing in a sealed home, but what it you have no home? What about the animals and birds that live outdoors, how utterly frightening it must be. And at that moment, I took a moment to pray, to thanks God for everything I have, for my health, for the blessings of these 4 walls, with windows snug. We truly are blessed people. Love to all, Cindy.. Mrs justa