What makes us do what we do ? What makes us be who we have become?

Do we each like what we do in life?  100_4189

I was watching a reality show about people who go out to sea and catch lobsters, or other forms of sea food. This job requires  folks who do not mind getting wet, cold, bone chilled and folks who like adrenaline rushes. All of which I am not fitting any of those categories. But there are folks who love to do this, at least that is what they say on the TV show.

Me.. not so much ( as my niece Courtney says) – I like to be warm, dry, and am kinda a wimp with adventure stuff. I do like waitressing I have done that, that was fun. I love watching kids, I like driving, I love taking care of people , I like nursing, I like working in the administrative side of health care, I loved being a mom, I love being a wife, I love cleaning the house, vacuuming, mowing grass and shoveling snow. I LOVE figuring out how things happen.. kinda a detective role. 100_4202I did enjoy gardening this year, absolutely love taking walks and taking pictures, singing, reading a good book, jig saw and cross word puzzles, camping, the ocean, the mountains. Basically nature.

But no thanks to deep sea fishing, no thanks to hand gliding, not even flying in small planes, nope to fishing, nope to going on a boat smaller then this one in the picture here.

Call me boring, call me strange, but I just freak out with adventure!

I do thank all those brave, thrill seeking individuals who risk their lives doing things to help us live… ( policemen, firemen, ambulance crews) –just not anything I can see myself do… I wonder what makes us tick???? Love to all, I am off to get my thought on what to make for dinner… did I say I love cooking?  Then I will iron… oh yeah , I love that too… Mrs Justa…