Hello, and hello:) We have returned, today was an incredibly long day as we came back in one day. It was a lot of driving, and we did need to stop 5 times for stretching and resetting our bones and muscles!

But one could not have ordered better weather then what we had. Days clear and in the 60-70s and nights high 30s to 50s.  We went to Bar Harbor Maine,Acadia National Park and drove on Mount Desert Island too.  We saw ALOT of ocean and mountains and nature.

We did not do hikes, as we knew Mark’s leg could not hike, but even without venturing off the driving areas- we saw a lot. Acadia is huge, it is almost mesmerizing. I can see how someone could just sit and watch all day long.

This was our birthday gift to each other. And I think I can testify for Mark that it was a very nice birthday gift. 100_4199

In this lower photo we actually watched the water change colors just before high tide was at it’s peak.  See how it is light in the center and top but the bottom has navy blue color starting to overtake the lighter colors.

That is the only thing we could figure that might be making the difference.



I missed home, I missed my family and friends….

but I am so glad we went. It brought me time to regroup, to see beauty in nature and not be so dang focused on the day to day stuff we tend to get wrapped up in. To take a few days and put life on the back burner, and put us in a world totally out of our norm. I think we all need to do that, we need to stop, and take time to take time. Peace to all, love always, Cindy