When the roads are not icy or filled with snow, I go down a road and by this pond every day on my way to and home from work. In the morning the water is like a huge mirror. They have this bridge on the pond, and as it reflects in the pond, it reminds me of a rainbow. I have no reason why, except for the shape. Normally it is colorless, but I am intrigued by it. It goes to a small island, nothing really on the island, it is just in the pond. I never see anyone cross over the bridge, I wonder why it is there,I wonder if there is a purpose to the island?

I chose this photo because as I stare at it, I feel a bit of tranquility. Of erasing the hassles of the day and making my inner self the most important thing. I could see myself sitting on the grass and reading my book, or taking a lazy nap on a blanket sprawled on the moist dew grass blades.

I took it one morning this week it was cool, crisp and the pond and bridge helped to bring out the reminder that Fall is here, and soon will be whirling winds of winter. But this week, and this weekend , I will inhale all the fall splendor I can find, I will make mind imprints of special sites and try to capture many things on the camera. I hope to have quite a nice selection of photos for my postings for days to come.

100_3760 For those who stop by, please don’t give up on me, I will be back on Sunday night and will try to share a note with you. I am sure there will be some brilliant fall colors, as there are some iridescent reds around here already.

As we go off on our journey, I will miss my friends, I will miss my family, I will miss not seeing my co-workers, I will miss the dog and cat.. but I will totally enjoy the time, the time away from here with Mark, the time and space to re-group, rejuvenate, relax. Peace to all, have a safe few days, and stay tuned for Sunday !.. Love, Cindy … alias Mrs Justa.