100_3452 Today was a different day, a nice day both weather and day activity wise. Let’s see I got to sleep in ….ahhhhhhhh…on my electric mattress pad set on 4 ( double ahhhhhhh)then I got up and took a leisurely warm shower…ahhhhhhhhhhhhh and at 10:00 made a quick breakfast for Mark and I .

I went to church, ( I love going to church ! ) it makes me feel complete, I can not explain it, one would have to feel it to know, but when I am there, I feel I am safe, the interruptions of life are outside the door, and there are words of wisdom, good tidings from many, a feeling of comfort , a feeling of peace.

I came home , changed my clothes , fixed dinner in the crock pot, and read a book for 45 minutes or so. Then off to Amanda and Jeffs home, for a Lia Sophia Party. It was a fun time. The people there seemed to all enjoy themselves, there was all kinds of neat jewelry, and I did not mind helping to make Amanda”s party successful. I am not really a shopper per-say. I need something , I do a quick run to the Salvation Army or Rescue mission first, if nothing there then I go to a discount store. My jewelry that I have personally bought is what some folks call "costume jewelry" which I think is funny, because I get a lot of complements on my "costume jewelry"

Today I bought some stuff, I tried to be careful with what I chose, it would be really easy to spend a few hundred bucks. There were games to be played, and laughter from the games and what people said, there was time to just relax and observe. I went in knowing I was not going to get talked into booking a party, and I also did not want to spend more then 40 bucks- but I went over that . ( So one outta two isn’t bad) . This necklace I have displayed ( photo from google images) was the necklace Amanda received as a gift for hosting a party. It is really quite nice, and it looked great on her.

I think in my whole life I have gone to a couple of Tupperware parties, maybe a candle party, a chef something party, and a basket party. I do not go to many, I just don’t. It really is nothing against the people or the products, but I often feel like I have to buy stuff, and some of the parties are stuff I would not buy.

but today.. I am glad I went. The jewelry on display was really nice to look at, and I think the things I ordered will go well with various outfits I have. To end my perfect day, I am going to settle down, maybe read  little more of this book, and get ready for work in the morning. Thanks to all who helped make this a wonderful day. ( Yes you too Mark ! Even though you are older !)   Love, Cindy