This is the Birthday Card I got Mark this year. Each year we are together it is tougher to figure out what to do for birthdays. neither of us like the pressure of trying to figure out what to get each other. Most of the time, if we need something we go and get it, not wait for a birthday or holiday. So our lives have changed from searching for that perfect gift , to this year taking a trip to Maine, after Marks Birthday and before mine. This is a perfect gift, but in a different way.

We have gone out for a special dinner before, or gone to a movie . So for today, his 56 th birthday, I got this card. Inside it says “Be careful what you wish for” I thought it was funny. As we age, life needs to be funny. Humor keeps us young, some wise old person said.

YA get a mushy card, and the other person can’t read it till they find their magnifying glasses, then they read it and may forget what it started to say in the beginning, cuz our memories are old… ahhh. laughter… much better.

This morning we went to breakfast with Shawn and Pat, Courtney was with us last night and came along for breakfast before we brought her home.  It was a nice time, true friends are so important. God has blessed us with a few good friends and a special family.

Tonight Amanda, Brandon and Jeff are coming over and we are having Lasagna. It will be a nice evening, they will need to scoot outta here for bathtime and bedtime, so we will eat at 4:30ish to give us time to just enjoy each others company. To have them over, is better then that special dinner out.

If Josh and Adrianne were closer, maybe they could have come over too with Mackenzie. We each cherish our kids, and now our grandchildren! When we spend time with them it is priceless, and it always ends too soon. But it does bring comfort to our aging hearts and souls to see they each have good lives. Busy lives, but good lives. And we know , that we had some impact of the footprints in their lives that they are leaving in the sand of time.

So happy birthday Markie… I love you very much, and I hope this year is good to you.

Love to all, Cindy( Card made by American Greetings”)