Fall, it is coming on us fast. Fall, the ending of the green time of our years. Fall, our birthdays are in the fall. Fall, when bugs are gone and jackets appear. Fall, when we have heavy dew on the windshield. Fall, when it is easy to sleep in cuz it is not light out at 6. Fall, when the mowing stops and the window screen start to collect dust. Fall, when we pull out the vegetation remains from our gardens and get the dirt ready for the snow blanket that will be covering it oh too soon. Fall, when we begin to have the fear of the snow flakes. Fall, when the wind chimes get packed, the solar lights go into storage, the flowers turn brown, the leaves become brilliant yellows, red and oranges, and the sky becomes more dramatic.

It is funny but Fall is my all time favorite time of year. I love the lack of humidity, the need to wear a sweatshirt, the warmth of a wood fire outside, the cool temps when I walk at lunch time, the drama of the clouds and the eeriness when a cold front comes across the area. I find myself reflecting in the Fall, of things that I did do and things I just did not get around to. Of what we have to do to batten down the hatches before the evil force of winter hits.

I can not waste a moment of Fall worrying too much about winter, there are plenty of days between October and April 15th for me to worry about snow. No, this is a time to watch Mother Nature paint the world in colors galore. To glare at the star lit skies without mosquitoes buzzing inside my ear canal . ( I hate that!@!) We go off to Maine next Thursday Morning, to Arcadia National Park and to Bar Harbor.

Mark wants to see waves thrashing, I found this on google- it is of Bar harbor, I just want to get away from all we have been dealing with and spend a little time just relaxing, just enjoying the moments life gives to each of us, the moments we seem to use too fast, too quickly. I hope to get lots of photos to use on various blogs, I hope to get refreshed a little. Enjoy the fall, bite into a crisp new apple, sip some warm cider and sit by an open fire outside and let it warm the chill in the air. Take time, before time takes you. Love Mrs Justa