After a long day at work and a 30+ mile trip home, it is so nice to be greeted by my husband and my dog and cat.

Indi somehow knows my car and actually perks up as he hears me start to slow down approaching his visual area.

I feel bad for Mark, he is kinda trapped in the house alot due to his limitations, it would drive me bonkers.

I love going to work, I love the people, I love what I do, and I like feeling like I helped people I do not even know.

There is a lot of hoop la on health reform right now, and I do agree there are fees that are charged for services that are ridiculous. There is no way a hospital room should cost the price some of the hospitals charge. The cost of a Tylenol generic over the counter is minimal- how can a hospital justify charging dollars for the same pill?

Wheel chairs- I reviewed one the other day that the vendor is charging more then my Hybrid car cost !!! Prescriptions drugs- the prices are inflated and a large part of what we pay for our insurance goes towards medications!

I do not make choices to have a person die- ( contrary to what the government states) my job is to look at what a provider is requesting, look at the criteria for the services being requested, review the clinical and the patients health plan benefit. If the patient has coverage and the clinical information meets the national guidelines for that type of service, then we can approve it. If it does not cover it, we let the provider and patient know that, and if the clinical does not meet- we send it to a doctor who reviews requests, will call the provider , they discuss the individual

case at hand, and then give us direction to if it is able to be approved or not.

People in the insurance industry are not evil- give me a break ! And if you had a plan that paid for every single thing that was asked for, you would not be able to afford your premium. Do not believe everything you hear , just because someone of power tries to make you believe they know what they are talking about.

I love what I do, I try to teach people when they call about what their plan allows, what we can do to help them ….. we listen to the callers, we treat them as we would like to be treated ourselves… and at the end of the day… it is so nice to come home to find a husband , a dog and cat waiting for me… Love to all, Cindy