Nothing is as it seems. Really, how many times when you think you are getting a great deal, you found a special that you just have to take advantage of, and only after you hurriedly make that impulsive purchase – do you find it comes with no Vaseline as it gets pushed up the ol’ yazoo.

Last night Mark was watching the fill in stuff as the Yankees game was waiting for the rain delay to be over. He saw this ad on TV, and IF YOU ORDER ON LINE- vavoom you get a 2nd one for FREE! So I came in looked for the on line ad and he came in and ordered this.

And if you order RIGHT now you can get additional ones without having  to pay additional postage and handling. SO we ordered a couple additional ones- as postage is $6.95. He ordered 2 extra- and a survey pops up and says – if you fill out this survey – we will give you an additional $10.00 off your order. Holy Crap- we have found a gold mine!- so what the heck- we clicked a couple answers- yes we have a pet, yes we watch TV, yep we sometimes go out for meals, … HIT CONTINUE- we did… up pops the invoice – the product is costing $30.00- there is NO $10.00 discount and the fricken postage is $27.96. UGGG… ( PS that is the sound of the shoving up the yazoo—Vaseline free)

So we go back to this ad- guess what No Phone number, no “contact us button” So I went back on line and found another site that sells these and got a customer service number- I called there- but they are only there M-F – 9-5PM. GRRR. So I e mailed the address- because this site seemed to be the one that sells all of these “Only seen on TV products”

Shortly thereafter Mark gets an e mail stating if he wants the free postage and the $10.00 off his order- he needs to sign up for a on line purchase club. We are not going to do that- we will refuse the order once it is received and we will call the credit card company and dispute the charge- if they do not resolve this.

Today I just got a call from the “Verification dept” asking if we would verify our order- I told her we do not want the order- it was false advertising. Well .. she can’t help us- we have to call the customer service number- I have been on that number now for oh 20 minutes- a soft talking gentlemen is telling me every 10  SECONDS “Due to the overwhelming response of our customers all of our specialists are assisting other customers, please stay on the line so we can answer your call in the order it was received. “ I bet they are sitting back, chomping on chicken wings and watching the lights blink showing incoming calls.

After 10 minutes- it disconnects ! AGGGG_ another yazoo episode.

So I am going to buy one at Walmart on their (“ Only available on TV) display shelf, and buy ONE for 9.97, and be done with it… GRRR_ I hate being screwed… HATE IT>>>

Better day for you I hope.. Cindy