We could not believe how cute Brandon’s Yankee outfit was on Sunday.  I wonder if he will play baseball as he grows up?

Derek Jeter has tied the number of hits with Lou Gehrig. Jeter’s third hit of the game gave him 2,721 as a Yankee tying a mark held by Gehrig for more than 70 years.

Think about that, how neat that would have been to witness.

I am not a major sports person, but I have a fondness for the Yankees. And they have had some not so great years, but I enjoy watching them anyhow. 

100_3762_edited It is a sport that I prefer watching on TV instead of in person. In person it seems to drag because there are no fillers of replays in between batters and such. I wonder if this was something that Jeter had as a goal back when he was in little league? Or did this incredible feat become something to focus on as he got closer to it? So did he go one hit at a time, or have a goal of 3 hits at a time?

What have you always intended to do? What goals do you have?  Are you going to just think about them or reach for them? Will you achieve them?

What do you have in your memory bank that is reflecting times you reached your goal, and how did you feel once you got there?  I was once told that we should have goals but to focus on the smaller steps to get to the big goal. Let’s say you want to save 1,000.00 dollars. To look at the thousand is huge to some of us… ( to me it is) But if I can just save 50.00 then another 50.  – after 20 times of doing that I have reached my goal.

Or losing weight. If a person has 70 pounds to lose- they need to focus on 3 pounds at a time.

We can achieve anything if we keep the focus on the smaller milestones while always seeing in the background the bigger one. Never become stagnant. Always have a goal. And once you reach it, make another one for yourself.

Go Derek!!!! Have a great night to all. Cindy