Missed opportunities we let go by us. missed times we are focused more on the me then others. This was a special day in the month of August. Brandon turned one. And even though he may not remember this party, he will have photos and videos to look back on. For anyone who missed his first birthday party, the opportunity is gone, over, it can not come back again.

How many missed opportunities have you had? I have had more then my share. Where I focused more on the me then the whole picture. But I have gotta say, once I had Jeff in my life, there was very little me, it was all for him.

Sure there were times I was away from him because I had to work, but when I could be with him I was. And when I could take him with me I did. And in those times when I needed someone to watch him it was a person I trusted, one who would cherish him as much as I did.

It is not good to smother a person but at the same time we should not leave a person as a good intention. I heard a person say once that they were going to continue with their various activities in the evening, even though they were a new parent, because they did not want to resent the child. They were saying if they stayed home with their child, they would feel like they were loosing out on all the other things they wanted to do . I could not believe it, talk about an “All about Me attitude” 

100_3607 Children are not children forever, and every moment they are growing, they are taking tiny steps towards adulthood. I watch Jeff and Amanda balance their life with Brandon, try to be with him as much as possible, and if there is a special event to go to, they try to get the grandparents to be with him. When they are at work they have the best sitter in the world watching him it is like they have another set of grandparents for him. Amanda chose not to work her summer job this year, they tightened the belt some, and she shared her summer with Brandon.

Is there a friend you have been putting on the back burner… , or is there a child you have placed second or third on your list instead of first? How about a spouse , a parent, a family member ? How about God?

100_3212_edited Take time for things you can change, spend moments you can never get back wisely.

We can not help but work… most of us need to work to live. The work time is not focusing on you… it is working, to get paid, so you can spend time with those special to you. But I think it is very important to remember… “It is not about you … “ and you can not get back a second of wasted time, a minute of time procrastinating.. the clock is ticking… don’t let it be ticking with wasted minutes. Love Mrs Justa.