I have not done a proud grandma post in at least 48 hours, so tonight I am going to spread a smile to all who read this, How can you not smile when you see this face !100_3698

We were blessed with spending a few hours with Brandon last Saturday night and he was smiling and chuckling and at times talking up a storm in daa daas and laa laa, maa maa and blah blah in different vocal tones like we were having a wonderful conversation.

He had a bit of a hard time closing his eyes to sleep, he had to be brought out in the living room and shown that the parental units were not there. Then I brought him back in , a couple whimpers and he was down for the count.

I needed a photo like this after the crazy week. It was weird stuff, weird week. Yesterday on my way in, I am going along with the traffic on Interstate 690. Picture this, I am in the middle lane, doing 65 mph and around the bend are 2 people walking into the middle of the road! Each vehicle parked on the left and right shoulder, like they were gonna come midlanes and hug or something. Well all of the cars needed to stop abruptly- at 65 that is not so easy to do. The issue was the guy had a bunch of lumber and a ladder in the bed of his pick up and it decided to leave his pick up and fly into the lanes. The chick who parked on the left shoulder was helping to pick up all the stuff. I looked in my rear view mirror and saw a car barreling towards me, and not paying attention to the parking lot we were in, I have no idea how he missed me, or anyone else, but he did a swerve to the left of me, then cut diagonally in front of me, around the ladder dude and then back in the lane. I was pissed at the guy, because had his smooth move been off, the folks picking up the debris would have been debris themselves, and I would have one smashed up car and a pretty sore body.

brandon, fami;y, 2008, 2009 101 At work the phones are acting squirrelly, people have been different on the phones, some grouchy, some screaming, ( I always love them !) , weird stuff all week. And it is only Weds. Mark went to let down a mini blind, and with a burst of strength it broke right off the window, he totally missed an appointment today ( not like him at all), his car now needs the “evaporator fixed” so it is in the shop, on my way home there were so many bugs I felt like I was driving through a mouse paint ball match- I am not kidding, all I could hear was bunches of splats.

100_3323 I am going to go and say a prayer of thanks that I made it home !… WEIRD DAYS ARE AMONGST US… But a smile  from Brandon makes it all disappear for a moment.

I hope he brings a smile to you too.

Love to all, Mrs Justa…\

.And watch out for weird and strange things!