Last evening we went to the local baseball game. It was the Syracuse team against Scranton- the Yankees Farm team. It was neat cuz today some of the players we saw last night have been moved up to the Yankees today.  There were quite a few stairs to climb, we had to do it carefully, as Mark has such difficulty with stairs and walking. Once we got up to the area we needed to be, we went to sit down.

They were selling all the seats in the same area- even though it was not a sell out crowd. Maybe 6,000 people there. Well let me tell you, the seating was definitely done to try to sell more seats, I think the seats were made in Japan by tiny butt geisha girls. Anyone there that was over 200 pounds was having difficulty sitting in the seats. The larger the person the more reclined looking  they appeared, as they could not fit their butts in the seats. So their butts were on the edge of the seat and their backs arched back- kinda looking like they were ready for the stadium to beam us up into space.

It was tight for me, but I sat in it, it was not comfortable though. No scooching room. There are anywhere from 20 to maybe 25 seats in a row, and instead of spreading out people they were putting folks next to each other, well everyone had to lift their drinks at the same time. And if you dropped anything, it was gone- unless the whole row would bend simultaneously so you could pick up whatever it was. And God forbid you were in the center area and had to go to the bathroom- you took the daggers of glares as everyone had to stand up at once.

I finally understand the wave being done by everyone next to each other, you have no choice- when someone on your right and left raises their arms, yours get pulled up automatically.

We ended up going down about 8 sections towards left field, not many people were there, so at least I did not feel like a Siamese twin with a total stranger.

This amazed me. This stadium is pretty new, it is beautiful, and from a visual perspective there is not a bad seat in the house,,, 100_2876 but from a butt standpoint- the high percentage of overweight people in the world- it amazes me the seats were that small. I am not blaming the seats— it is hard to believe there were so many people there who were too big to fit in the seats.

Sure most folks can stand to lose weight, but while they are losing it, they should still be able to sit at a sports game. The dome at SU is the same way. You better like the person next to you in the reserved seat area, if you did not know them before the event, you would swear you were attached at birth before the 1/2 time intermission.

We did have fun, but… or is it BUTTT… it was not comfortable. Not good for them selling tons of food- who wants to eat when your ass is stuffed in a seat and your elbows are inside your ribs!

Once I get to my goal weight, I am going to go back and see the progress made, slide into the seat and smile… then order a large diet coke and enjoy the game. Love to all, exercise  and get fit…. Love Mrs Justa…