What is real, what is an image.

What do we see when we see ourselves in a reflection, in a picture, in our minds. What is life, what is an illusion. Have you ever seen yourself in a picture and thought it was someone else?

Or did it become a part of you? Brandon cooed at the picture of him on my screen saver, trying to reach into it, touch it, talk to it, like it was a new best friend.

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What do we dream,what really happens. Did you ever have a time where you swear you did something, saw something, said something only to figure out it was in a dream?

Sometimes I can vividly remember my dreams right when I wait up, often not. But then something triggers an event in my dream to pop out like it was real.

It is tough when it was something you dreamt you had said to you, or something you believe you took care of.

I always envisioned that dreams are supposed to be peaceful relaxing, floating on cloud type experiences,  but they are not always. Dreams can be really darn right scary. So much that you can wake up with your heart beating right out of your chest from fear. You are sweaty, scared, out of breath.

Or some real life noise in the room triggers the dream to work the noise in. Like an alarm clock becomes a school bell , or a pounding on the door in real life becomes someone hammering in my dream.

Life is weird, we live in a real world and then for a few hours a day we drift off to another world. One we are in. I find I look different in my dreams then I do in real life. I am sometimes have different hair, or a disability,  sometimes a model, sometimes young, sometimes old.

100_3405 Dreams bring comfort, for people have loved me in my past- like my mom and dad, they have long been gone from this physical world we live in, but they come into my dreams in living color- talking to me, guiding me, like they never died.

So as I sign off for tonight, and wonder in a few hrs what dreams may come to be, I reflect on my yesterdays, and wonder about my future. I am constantly thankful for all I have in my life, all who I love and who love me. I am thankful for prayers that did not come true and those that have. I know life is hard, and we have paths we will walk on that we prefer not to, but we need to trust our best judgement, know that we need to have good and not so good times, and be thankful. Love to all, pleasant dreams, Cindy