Night is falling all around us, and sadness has fallen on the neighborhood.

The lady across the street seems to have had a lot of stuff happen recently , not happy things, sad things, life sucks things.

And I am thinking of her as the moon is rising and dew is coating the world around me.  Today it appeared like a vet came and did a house call. She has a few dogs, and one of them has been an old faithful type dog. Putting up with the hyper little ones that yip all the time, he had a kinda Eeyore strut to his walk. But he seemed a content ol man. Never roamed far, constant pace, never too excited, just plodded along in life.

Well the vet man left and shortly after her dad and brother in law carried out what appeared to be this ol dog of hers- carrying it with utmost respect- they so very carefully placed it in the back of the pick up truck, it looked like it was wrapped securely in a favorite blanket. She appeared to be sobbing as she got into the pick up truck and they took off with the precious cargo.

How sad, how terribly sad. Our pets become our partners in life. they love us no matter what we do, they stay by us no matter what mood we are in. They guard us when we are sick. They let us say the stupidest things and they are always there. And even though it is a necessity to put a pet down, it never gets to be an easy thing to go through. We know it makes sense, we know it was the right thing to do, sometimes it may be because a dog is sick, or too dangerous, or injured from an accident, or accidentally poisoned by something it ate outside….it matters not what the reason, it matters the

action that must be taken.

I saw her earlier today brushing this dog on her front steps, I did not think anything of it, thought it was a nice gesture, dogs LOVE to be brushed. Maybe she was looking for something, maybe the dog had gotten injured, I dunno. This dog had a history, was probably pushing 90 in people years the way he walked. I am sure she is feeling the despair, the gut wrenching emptiness. 

She does have 3 other dogs to keep her busy, but I have a feeling this one was the type that cuddled at her feet and comforted her through some pretty tough times in the past few years. So to her, I lit a candle earlier, to her I will say a prayer for, and to her , I dedicate my post to. Good night to all, Cindy