July 31, 2009

What a terrific way to spend a vacation day from work. I love work, but no great day at work could replace a day like today.

Mark and I picked up Brandon at 7:30 this morning and we got him for the entire day, returning him to his home at 4:00 .

There are no words that describe today. He is filled with so much laughter that you can’t help but smile, he has a fascination for everything and requires constant watching over. But he was fun. And we had a blast.


This was taken at nap time this morning. We had bought a few toys for grandpa and grandma’s house, and he had them all over the living room. When he laid down his sleepy head I put his toys against the wall waiting for him to awaken.

This tunnel on the right was a toy that has 3 setting depending on the age, Jeff and Amanada had asked us to bring it out here when they were moving, so we did, and remembered that once the child crawls you can make it into a tunnel for them to crawl thru. He likes it, but had the crawl thru part a little twisted. 100_3409_edited

So instead of crawling thru it, he just pulled it over to get the toys off it. He had it upside down, twisted, and laying on his stomach.

He did figure out how to make the fish play music, and if he could not push the button he figured if he pressed with his teeth , that made the fish sing.

We do not have photos of his ride in the umbrella stroller we bought for us to have here, but he thought he was all that and more. Pointing at birds, flowers and dogs, chatting away, swinging his legs back and forth and draping his arms on the side like he was royalty. Yes, we had a terrific day, one that is worth remembering. God made vacations for days like today, and God blessed the world with children so we could have these days. 100_3421

Even Indi found a play mate today, a way to feel young, a buddy, a friend.

I hope you had a day that brought you joy too. If you did not, go out and just watch some kids playing. The smiles on their faces, their endless energy, their non worries of adulthood things. For today the clock stopped,and we spent hours in little Brandon’s world. What an awesome place to be.

Thanks Jeff and Amanda for asking us to watch him… and thanks to my boss for giving me the okay to use today as a vacation day. And Thank You God for Brandon-

Love to all,

A refreshed Grandma Justakrusen