Faith,  Hope, Trust, Imagination,  Belief, Love. 

Do you have it?

Do you believe in things you have no control of?      

  Do you imagine how it will be?

I am thinking of many parts of my life where Faith, Hope, Trust, Imagination, Belief, Love are a necessity. This goes from being an infant to a middle aged woman. You trust your parents before you know that you are trusting.

As we stood here watering a garden, 100_2993_edited that only had plants showing because we bought those as plants, we are truly trusting that the seeds we have planted in the fresh tilled earth,that are just beginning to surface above the dirt,  and that the plants that we purchased already a few inches high- that they will grow, and produce some veggies. We do not know they will, we trust they will. We water and feed them with love. We check them regularly and weed the garden so that the water goes to the plants not the weeds. We imagine what they can be.

We have faith that the effort is not in vane, and hope that the summer will be good to them . And 6 weeks later after  Faith,  Hope, Trust, Imagination,  Belief, Love we have


had 3 summer squash, about 30 radishes, maybe 16 zucchini, and a promise of more. Tomatoes are trying, peppers are few, and sunflower plants are hovering around 6 feet tall.

Now look at other parts of life. We have Faith,  Hope, Trust, Imagination,  Belief, Love each morning as we rise. Each evening as we settle down for the night. Each day we go to work. Each time we drive our cars.

brandon, fami;y, 2008, 2009 126

As we care for an infant , and bundle them , watch them , love them, imagine what they will be like as they get older, hope everything is good for them, believe in them, trust those who help care for them, have faith in tomorrows, and find wonder in every breath of life you are blessed to have with them.

Before you know it they are a little older, more active, more able to relate to, and 100_3387_edited you can’t help but wonder what did you do before they came along?

You continue to have Faith,  Hope, Trust, Imagination,  Belief, Love. You have to. For you want the best life for them you want them not to be greedy, you want them to lead a life that leaves footprints in the sand of time.

Yes life is full of times when you have to stop and realize that you must have Faith,  Hope, Trust, Imagination,  Belief, Love. Don’t ever stop believing. Enjoy every darn second you have. 11 months ago it was Brandon in an incubator in a NICU unit- he was born 6 weeks early. And it was Faith,  Hope, Trust, Imagination,  Belief, Love that helped him become the smiling little guy he is now.

And now his cousin lays in the NICU, 100_3407she was born into the world 10 weeks early. And you can see if you look her mom reaching into the incubator with the same Faith,  Hope, Trust, Imagination,  Belief, Love. Mackenzie is blessed with loving parents, a terrific NICU, and family and lots of people who care.

Every part of your life remember always have Faith,  Hope, Trust, Imagination,  Belief, Love. Think about all you believe in, all you trust, all you love. Cherish every moment. Cindy