Welcome to the world oh special granddaughter of ours. Welcome to the world oh precious one. The hand you feel firmly touching your hand,  your back , your head, that is the hand of your mom , or your dad. Touching you and letting you know they are there for you as you grow and stay warm in this heated isolette.

You have come into the world 10 weeks early and because of that you need to grow before you can go home. But all 2 pounds 13 ounces of you are already showing a determination to get moving!.

Oh precious one, your grandparents from Syracuse came and visited you today and you slept, your moved, you squirmed and even let out some squeaky whimpers. you are a miracle. One of God’s gifts, as we watched you breathe , and drool, and squirm, it is just amazing how tiny you are. Rest my darling child, get strong, so you can see all the wonders of the world.

Yes everyone , Mackenzie is here. She will probably be in the hospital for 6 maybe 8 weeks, she has a lot of growing to do. She is getting TPN thru her veins for nutrition and has a feeding tube for 2 oz of breast milk each 3rd hr. She has a nasal cannula that she DOES NOT LIKE, and tries to pull it off. 100_3408The nurse and her mom  and dad say she is a pro at getting it off her face. She will hold onto your finger if you put your hand in the isollette. Here she is holding her grandpa Mark’s finger.

Her arms and legs are small dimension then a finger of an adult right now. how precious and pure, how fragile yet strong, how totally amazing.

Peace to all, have a wonderful evening, and please keep Mackenzie in your prayers. Love, Cindy