Pres O Blah Blah would probably not be real pleased with us, for we have not yet refinanced our mortgage ( and do not plan to), because we have not gone out and purchased a brand spanken new American made car, and we have not contributed to his never ending campaign speeches. Will someone PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tell the man he won the election already.

But pres O Blah blah ( this is kindly being used because every  time I pass a TV in the CAFE at work he is on it chatting with one group or another. Someone PLEASE show him where his office is !)… but pres blah blah- we have contributed financially to the service industry in this wonderful country of ours. Yes siree , we have contributed and continue to do so.

Here is Mark’s car- it is a 1997, 100_3085 136,000 miles strong dependable American made car. It was one of the unfortunate ones that had a problem on the paint line and as the past years few years have passed the clear coat decided to flake off, and the car looked like it had a fight with some major acid rain, and the rain won.

The car is really pretty dependable. We had known it needed to get a power steering pump and a compressor but we did not want to do anything because the body really looks terrible. 100_3088

If he offered to take while I am working my car over to get an oil change he says I will park it in the back so no one has to see it. And when I drive his car to work Mark will ask if I am ashamed of it.








SOooooooooooooooooooooooooooo we ran across ( totally by chance) a small garage in the city of Syracuse, right next to an overhead bridge for the interstate.


It is a one bay shop, very simple, a sweet older man is at a desk and a man who has history of body work and a passion for what he knows. And this guy took our car and promised to make a difference.

He had taken the car under his wing , and worked on it for 2 weeks.

He put new metal on it where metal has left, he put fiber glass on it, and his bonded and sanded, and primed and worked his magic.



Voila….. 100_3345 100_3346







So we did put some money into it, but it was definitely worth it. We could not have bought a new car for the 1900.00 we paid for this incredible work of art.

Thanks Dave ….it is really looking great

Oh update on Adrianne and Josh and their new baby- she has not yet delivered, she is in the hospital and it looks like the docs  want to deliver the baby 10 weeks early… so more to follow as times passes on. Prayers to them would be appreciated !.

Luv to all, Cindy … Alias Mrs Justa