Oh to be 11 months old again, to have good parents, like Brandon does, to have the problems of the world being what toys to pull out, how far can I chase the cat, where did my dog go, and how much splash can I make if I shake the water dish for the pets.

Today was a tiring day, a day of trying to put pieces together, do some investigating on different issues at work and racking my brain with various tasks and ideas. It was an cranium day.

Trying to get through a maze of information, of thoughts, of planning and feeling totally and utterly exhausted by days end.

I do love what I do, and try to be good at it. I think managing people is an ever changing challenge. One that I find myself always wanting to be the boss I never had type person. To be understanding yet let it be known the expectations.

I had a boss once that made this guy look like Bart from Mary Poppins. Funny, lighthearted and full of laughter. All of which ol’ Adolf here was not well known for.

She would ,make you want to hear finger nails on the chalkboard instead of having her reign over you.

And reign she did.

She did not like me much, she was a horrible manager, she did not show any confidence in me, and would treat me like an incompetent person.

She would give me a task, partially explain it, and then when I produced the info and thought I did what she wanted, she would totally trash the project and tell me to redo it.

Yes, Adolf would have had a different image in history, if this manager had been around in the time. So I strive to now be remembered like I remember this x ( CAPITAL X) boss of mine.

But by being a more compassionate manager, by trying to work with people, it tends to create times of tiredness too. because I believe it is easier to be a person who orders people and disappears, then one who is always there, there before they come in in the morning and there after they leave at night. One who is willing to dive in and help with any work load there is. willing to put the employees responsibilities in front of her own.

So needless to say, today was a day .. a day of total handling management type responsibilities, and it was a little tiring.

So I am off. To reflect today, and work towards tomorrow. To take a deep breath and enjoy a few minutes of the Yankees game. To be thankful for who I am and what I try to stand for, for God and my family, say a prayer for Adrianne and Josh and our soon to be born little granddaughter, to throw the tennis ball for the dog, maybe enjoy a freeze pop, to stop for a moment. Peace to all, love to all, Cindy alias Mrs Justa