The candle is lit, and prayers are going in the direction of West from here.

Adrianne is back in the hospital with concerns of high blood pressure and maintaining strict bedrest for the rest of her pregnancy, and we are sending our best wishes her way.

I also have a friend of mine in the same hospital, so the candle glows for both of them and for the little baby girl that Adrianne is carrying.

Life is weird, it really is. I know that life can not be all good times . sunshine, smiles and singing kum-bi-ya around crackling camp fires, I expect lumps and bumps along the way, but it does throw curve balls and surprises, especially when we are not expecting them.

I chose this candle photo because it will stay lit for these 2 people close to my heart, and because the flame almost is moving if you stare at it. To bring us comfort, and peace, to bring us patience to wait as times heals and gives opportunity for growth of the little baby in utero. Time sometimes needs to slow us down, needs to take us away from every day activities so we can stop, rest and reconnect to our inner selves.

To all who are hurting, to all who are feeling poorly, to all who are troubled, to all who just need a kind thought your way… this candle is glowing for you too. Love and peace, Mrs Justa.. alias Cindy