The wonders of life, of learning , of growing up. I am reminded every time we see Brandon of how exciting life can be. For the adults in the world who have a baby in their life , I hope they take the time to absorb the wonders the baby finds as they grow up each day. And to the babies, well they do not realize it, but they do discover new feelings , new abilities, new wondrous things every day.

We see Brandon about once a week, sometimes more, but it is hard on weekdays with my schedule sometimes keeping me from getting home till 6 or 6:30. By the time dinner is done, dishes cleaned, – Brandon is getting ready for bed. But weekends- oh we try to spend some time with him. And watching the wonders that each week has brought to him, words can not describe the joy it brings.  Amanda and Jeff are very aware of the changes, they treasure them, they feel Brandon’s joy.

100_3363This week he has learned his tongue will make a clicking noise and he goes around clicking and smiling because he can make the noise. ( Thanks to Uncle Gary…) Also he learned that when he is sitting on some one’s shoulders, that there is actually a person holding him up there.

I think before the shoulders were just a place he was, but there was not a cause and effect with the shoulders.


he knows if he bends and twists, there is someone there, a face he knows, a face he loves.

He did this over and over again, peaking his little head around, and poof there was his dad.

As I look at these photos I am reminded how precious each day is. It does not seem that long ago that Jeff was on my shoulders-

in my mind , it was only yesterday- but really is was over 26 yrs ago. 

Poof, where do the years go… poof a infant turns into a curious toddler, and into an elementary child, and before you know it they are graduating, getting married, and then having their own children.

The older I get the faster time flies. Today Mark asked me how long we had the mulching mower for. I have to admit- I can not even guess. I know where we got it, I think we brought it home in the Ford Focus… but maybe it was the van we got after that.. I have to go look for the receipt.. I feel it was a few years ago, but with as fast as time is flying by, I am thinking maybe 6 years ago. Hmmm. I will have to go see.

Stop, enjoy life, stop , pay attention to your babies, your children , your loved ones. Stop and do not waste one minute of one day… Stop, take time to say a prayer, .. Stop and tell someone you love them… Stop…………..while you still have time to. Love, Cindy