TO some this may look weak, mundane…. but to me and Mark this is wonderful ! It is hard to believe how well it is growing. Mark  still waters it 2 times a day, and I have to weed and hoe it weekly, but this garden is such a joy. The sunflower plants are from little sunflower seeds. The ones like the baseball players chew on, they are pushing 5 feet tall and still not fully grown, as they are not showing their flowers yet.

The back right corner actually produced 2 zucchinis and last evening – we were able to have one with our dinner. I am on the second envelope of radishes, and when it was being watered it tonight it looked like we may have radishes tomorrow. The tomatoes are trying, but a farmer friend of a friend of mine said that because the cool temp in the nights- they are not producing tomatoes yet.. I do have some tomatoes, but they are stuck in a phase of wanting to be something they can’t yet.

I am watching the peppers. they are looking hopeful . 100_3315 But they are still in their youth.


The beans… well unsure- the jury is still out on them. And the summer, hubbard and butternut squash- they have blossoms… ummm ummm umm. I do think we will be getting a food processor type gadget to help with the slicing, dicing and shedding for the freezer. I will start checking yard sales.

Life is okay, the garden is a great deterrent to life’s frustrations. 100_3314_edited It is a sign of life, of hope, of Gods gifts to survival. It gives us a sense of satisfaction. We can grow veggies. I was not sure if the soil and rocks would have made it a flop, but I have been out there singing to the plants, talking to them and trying to keep them free of weeds and bugs. ( Notice the tomato stakes??) They are old poles from the roof rake- the stakes  I have bought could not hold the suckers up! More updates as the harvesting continues. Think peaceful thought and stay healthy. Cindy