I don’t know about you, but this looks very inviting to me. I can feel the slight mist from the fog on my face, I can feel the seat of my jeans get damp as I sit at the picnic table, the twittering of the birds as they greet the morning sun, and the light slapping of the water against the shore. There is a light breeze working with the sun to move the cloud that is making it foggy back up into the air.

I go back in time to a week ago and I imagine a time to enjoy this  setting.

As I sit at this table I rest my elbows on the table top and they too become a little damp, but I do not mind. For it is my time, my time to look, to listen , to feel life, instead of pass life by.

I think not of the bills that are ever present in the day to day lives we live, nor of the e -mails waiting for me when I return to work, I think not of the traffic jams 3 hours away, or of house work that will be greeting me in a few days. No this is my time, my time to feel no pressure, to feel no worries, to feel only peace. Reflection on the past, and thinking about the moment. Breeze wisping the bangs I need to trim, dew damping my skin…solitude, serenity.

And in an hour or two there will be more cars in the background, children’s laughter on a near by playground, lifeguard whistles blowing warnings to people going too far out, but at this moment much of the world is asleep, and this is a perfect place to talk to God, to listen, to pray, to meditate, to just be. This has been a nice moment in the back of my mind. Oh to be there right now, that would be nice.

I wish you all a place of comfort, a soft pillow, a quiet moment, shhhhh love Mrs justa