Life is tough,  think most can testify to that. Life can really suck at times, and most can testify to that. But through all the turns and twists of life there are things that happen that make the suckiness, the “what nows", the" why mes", disappear, if only for a second.

This is just one of God’s gifts that is an eraser of all evil, a buffer for aches and pains, a stepping stone out of the mundane lives some may feel they have, a comfort in times of troubles…100_3333_edited

The ultimate magic of a child, their smile, their splendor, their joys. That is one of the gifts we have that we need to enjoy, we need to treasure, we need to never take for granted or become so wrapped up in us we forget it is not about us.

There are all kinds of gifts among us, how many do we pass by? How often do we try to fit too much in a day and end up missing some of those special moments. I often feel  I wished I had had my camera to capture some of those special moments.

100_3298 Driving along and looking but not seeing, I do that often, don’t you? Thinking about what 10 things you are on your way to do, or the bills that have to be paid, or the schedules you are trying to keep and you miss things. Things that make us stop, take a deep breath and see there is a whole world out there. We are not why the world revolves, we are a part of the world, a very small part. What do you see in this photo??? Did you really look, did you stop…

I did100_3295_edited … and this is what I found.

Can life go on without us stopping, sure it can.. but I think the grave comes quicker, feelings get hurt, moments get missed, our babies become kids, who become adults and you wonder where the time went.

I had someone tell me once they NEVER see any deer— I can not help but wonder- do they really never see any deer- or do they just never look beyond .

I am off to church, I am singing a song today calls "O’ Calvary’s Lamb" – it reminds me that I am not where I need to be, and that some day I will get there. And when I look in God’

s eyes.. I will raise my voice and sing. Peace to all, love to all, and please stop- listen to a birds song, to a child laughing, to an animal resting and snoring, to your family and friends as they speak to you, and stop and just sit in silence, and listen to your inner soul, what are you telling yourself amid all the distractions , the hustle and bustle. Until later- Mrs justa… alias Cindy