This photo is from MSNBC- it is an example of what I feel . That we we have become a             dependent  society. I am guilty of taking prescriptions, aren’t many of us over 30 years old. I take medication for heart palpitations, for an elevated c peptide level, for all the vitamins I do not get daily in my diet, for my bones, for my stool, for my hormone level. It is really remarkable how the pharmaceutical companies have taken residence in many of our medicine cabinets. IN fact I was at the dollar store a few weeks back and the Chinese made a pill holders that could have been a snack pack holder instead for a group of preschoolers. I guess the Chinese were trying to show how America is looked at thru the eyes of the world. When they make a pill holder big enough for 12 grapes- that is saying we are too dependent on medications to compensate for our not taking better care of ourselves.

Really- think about it- we have pain when we are walking- so we take pills to take away the pain, it does not lessen the wear and tear we are doing to our bodies because of our weight, it only masks it. We take medication because our cholesterol is too high, so the fat content in our diet is still there- just now the blood levels look better because of the meds. Or high blood pressure and cardiac meds- we take them so our heart behaves better, it makes the heart work more efficiently, and the reason it is not working efficiently is because we do not exercise, or what we eat, or we weigh 30 or more pounds too much, or we do not sleep enough hrs in a day.

Now the investigation to Michael Jackson is revealing how with money one can buy drugs and specialists to give them to you. Where did it get him if this is what turns out to be why he died… he is gone, he no longer has to worry about insomnia, but the loss so many people are feeling, the 3 children who have lost a dad they seem to have loved, all because the pharmaceutical companies have gone overboard with medications to make us be non compliant to our bodies, our lives, our loved ones. It does make sense that he may have been overmedicated- there were many times on interviews he talked like he was spaced out.

We need to really look at what we can each change to be more dependant on life and not drugs. I am not saying all drugs are bad- I am saying that the pharmaceutical companies have made it easy for us to abuse ourselves., not by overdosing, but by compensating for our own lack of truly caring about ourselves. There are meds that are very good for people, that take care of cancers, mental health issues, organic problems that need to be counteracted against, but there are many that I truly believe if we changed our eating habits, exercised, lost weight, we would no longer need them .

Be healthy, enjoy life and treasure your body and life, It was a God given gift, do not abuse it. Love, Cindy