Times, best of times, memories that are made at the same time but remembered differently by different people. Something that I might remember may only be my memory, and at the same time, someone may remember something different about the same second in time. I find that strange. Today  I was talking to a long time friend of mine and in the conversation she mentioned that a boyfriend from her past had passed on. I was surprised, I did not ever remember hearing that he had died. She then said , it was years ago, don’t you remember when I told you , you said “ Whoa if you had married him you would have been a widow now.”

Now I do not remember this, as she said something I can see my self saying something like that, and maybe there is an ember of a memory that made this sound somewhat familiar. What memories are we remembering, what impressions are we making to others. 100_3259

Such as this picture is from our family reunion traditional kick ball game. No one is a pro at it, and there is no age limit on either end of the scale. I think the youngest playing was three and the oldest playing was 78. All ages in between. It was just something everyone who can do it gather for and  maybe plays 5 innings.

It used to be a soft ball game- that was when the 40 and 50 something’s were 10 yrs younger and the 30 something’s were spry twenty something’s. It was the same idea, everyone got together for a few innings of ball.

Memories- what will each person remember from this 1 1/2 hrs of playing. What will the 3 yr old remember, or the 4 yr old? I will remember being the photographer watching people interact, watching my oldest brother pitch, and kick and slowly run to first. The pre teens and children will probably remember the bases they got to, or the old person they got out. Memories- every where we go there is an opportunity for a memory, one for you to keep and one you may leave in someone else’s brain.

When I look back I want to make sure the memories I have are not wasted on bad things, and the memories I give to others, well I want them to bring a chuckle or a smile to those who have taken them in. Peace to all, Mrs Justa.