Hanging on to things, what do you hang onto? What memories can you not let go of, what images are etched in your mind? I took this as the drops of dew were hanging onto a web on the floor of the grassy earth. Unable to let go of the web, like when we have problems letting go  from the past, or fears, longings , wishes or hurt.

We tend to let things trap us from being the best we can be, or from doing what we need to do for ourselves. We have our own webs.

I know that things in my life have made me who I am, and have probably kept me from being the best I can be. Webs of my past encompass paths of my future. Have you ever had things in your life that have knocked you down to the lowest level of self worth? The lower you get the closer the webs us from stepping up on the path of self confidence.

How many times in your life have you been kicked down, only to grab yourself by the sock tops and peek your head out , trying to see light, trying to see hope. Keeping the webs of misfortune from trapping you.

I can think of maybe 10 or 11  times I felt totally stripped of my self confidence, of my hope, of my self worth, of a person dear to my heart, a relationship I gave everything to , an injury that damaged me, a sickness that robbed me , a fear that encompassed me, or a job I cherished and had committed my life to. It hurts, it feels awful and it feels like this web holding the dew drops from finishing their journey to the earth.

When it happens, do not give up, know you have the strength , know you are stronger then the thing that is trapping you, and believe in yourself. Peace to all, Love , Cindy