This was an incredible sky. It was the 29th of June, we had just gotten thru with a thunderstorm, the sun was trying to peep out through the clouds before it drifted off to sleep for the night, it was a forceful sky. Different layers competing with one another to have their characteristics be seen. The wind was making the one layer move quickly, while other layers lay there waiting.

That is how life is, how day by day we can wait or try to move ahead. It is easy for me to stop, grab a book and drift away , or to sit and watch the clouds, the birds, water splashing against a shore, I do have to admit I become more like the clouds being blown every which way, then the ones staying, drifting.

This photo does not come close to capturing the goldens that God painted in the sky. Nor does it come close to the fury of the sky, the intenseness of it. It is something we each need to take in first hand. Not wait for it to show on a photo, or on the late night weather report. You have to live certain things, feel them, witness them. For some things just can’t be described by words. And the wonder of this dynamic day, the dynamic angles life throws our way, we have to feel them. I once read a poster that said “A ship in a harbor is safe… but that is not what ships are for.” Cherish each day, live it to the fullest, that is what life is all about. Have a great fourth. I am off to a reunion, so won’t be writing for 3 days, but I will be getting photos of life, and will share when I return. Love to all, Cindy