Spring time turning to summer. Life feels like it is renewed each Spring. Times for changes, for some a time for new love, time to plant things and watch them grow. Spring is always a time where I feel like a victor.  I have made it through the winter, I have kept warm and free of fractures though the icy blustery days of darkness,  I feel fresh.

I truly love to walk, and am not comfortable walking outside when there is ice on the pavement- so the gm is a nice place to go instead. I see so much when I walk, things I miss riding in a car. Wild flowers, butterflies, ferns, flowers, birds. It is neat to watch things change. The garden is among the signs that Spring has turned to summer and we are heading towards fall.


We are on a second envelope of radish seeds, the tomatoes plants in the front left corner have a lot of blossoms but no tomatoes yet, the zucchini in the back right is really getting ready to reward us with it’s gifts. The back left- those are our sunflowers. They are reaching up to the sun . Front right is summer squash- not quite as excited about growing as its sister plants the zucchinis, but they too have blossoms. As they reach and stretch and grow, the thought of fresh veggies  (and putting some in the freezer to stretch out the summer veggie months) is also a reminder of days to come, when coats and gloves are needed, and we are reminded of our breathing because we see it in front of our faces with each exhale, and reminded that we have nose hairs- as they freeze.

Yes, this is my favorite time of the year. Spring to summer, and summer to fall. Winter I tolerate, I dread at times, and it makes me appreciate Spring. Living where there is no winter- well Spring would not have the same meaning, it would be taken for granted.

Enjoy the weather, treasure the colorful gifts that we get for no cost at all, the birds the sunsets, the incredible skies, rainbows, loved ones, children, LIFE>> Love Cindy