Vacation. What does it mean to you? Is it a time a packing fervently and heading off to who knows where in a car, a plane, a train or a boat. And sometimes needing the car to get to the plane to get to the boat. Dependant on others to make sure they do their part, so you can get to your final destination for your vacation.

Or is it a time to know you have a job , and you have been benefited time off with pay, to take some “Me Time”. A very long weekend rest?

There is a reason why God made vacations ( and park benches…). Can ya guess which I lean towards? ( The park bench is a hint) And free things all around.

As I age I am getting less in the mood for crowds, strangers breathing on my neck as we stand in cattle herding appearing lines, waiting for some over paid , attitude strong, impatient person behind a counter take control of my life. Have you ever done that ( Oh I am sure you have) – like at a ticket counter, or at a boarding pass counter. Where the person behind the counter is taking their sweet time, hauls your baggage, smacking their gum , as dragging their pan slowly over forms that need to be checked, or slowly punching in keys on the key board- unaffected by the amount of time they are taking or the length of the line.

The people in the line bitching about how long it is taking, or what each person perceives to be the most important reason why they should not be held up, the people are so close they are rubbing against you, you can smell their cologne or their sweat… ahhh – yeah—the park bench is mighty inviting for my vacation this week.

I have some sewing  to do, and have 2 great books to read. One is “ Still Alice” – I am already 70 pages into it, and unfortunately had to go to sleep last night. This is a read and do not do anything else book for me.  It is frightening, interesting, and more frequent in our lives then we care to admit. Alice is a professor, she knows psychology and its intricacies, at at 50 years old is  trying to convince herself that her quick lapses in memory, forgetting what she was saying in the middle of a lecture, and all of the sudden having no idea where she was during a jog- that these are related to menopause. Only to find she is suffering from early onset Alzheimer’s Disease. The book is amazing in my mind. One of my friends who just read it warned me— she sees herself being more aware of how often she is forgetting things .  So this will be on my list of things to do.

Mark and I will be spending time together for the next 9 days, there is a family reunion at the end of the week we will go to, and Indi, well we gotta get a dog park jaunt in or two. I will plan on hitting the gym and walking Germandale Drive. And relaxing.. 100_3028_editedno alarm clocks for the next 9 days. I am off to make breakfast- go to church and then come home and mow the yard. Then read, cook, plan for the reunion, garden tend,  see Brandon Jeff and Amanda and enjoy my time with my husband. I love work, but I also ,love vacations. I will pop in and update this thru Thursday— but then off to see my family for a few days. Photos of my days to follow. Love to all, enjoy the free stuff… Cindy..alias Mrs Justa