What the heck is this, some may think. Well it is a symbol of me STRETCHING out of a shell. Tonight was the Chase Corporate Challenge. This was my racing number that was pinned to MY shirt. It is an event that I believe stretches beyond Syracuse NY, but I will have tunnel vision for Syracuse. It was held on the lake parkway- which as it sounds runs next to the lake. It was 80 degrees out, a soft breeze, a beautiful night really.

I think there were 6200 or 6400 people registered to do it from various corporations in the area, and some areas far away. My employer participates in it every year, but me… not so much. This year I bit the bullet and signed up- that in itself is a huge step for me. I have never considered myself a jock. I have been walking at lunch, or at the gym or on the street we live, but this past week, well between the antibiotics, the possible tick bite and strept throat, I knew I would have trouble finishing the 3.5 mile trek. But I went, and I walked about 2 miles on the shoulder next to the course, and to and from the shuttle, and back around the many tents. I did not do the actual race- for it was a no turning back situation, and I knew I would not be able to do it. If you got caught crossing to the return side and not walking the full 3.5 you could jeopardize your company’s ability to participate in the future and disqualify them for tonight’s event. I did not want the owner or my co workers remembering me for THAT!

I stood on the side lines too and cheered my co workers as they came in. It was a nice time. I feel good , I tried hard, and I stepped out of the comfort zone, worked all day and then joined 88 of my co workers for this event at 6:00 this evening, I left around 8:15. I will sign up again next year, and hopefully stay healthy for it, and hopefully be in great shape to do it.  I may be 55, overweight, but I tried, and no one can take that away.

Stephany if you are out there, thanks for your inspiration. Love to all, Mrs Justa