Well, it was not so bad a day for the cars and our check book. Phew.

This is our 1997 Dodge Intrepid- it has 138,000 miles on it and we were majorly dooming and glooming over what this incredible annoying squeaking noise was from under the hood. The dealer had warned Mark the last time he took it in there, that if there was a worsening noise it was probably whatever part the pulley is attached to, and they would have to take many parts off the engine, it would take many hours and cost mega bucks. Sooooo  we took it over to the mechanics at Cole Muffler in Fulton. They are an incredible shop ! They are quick and NEVER have done work that was not needed. We told them we had a squeal, we had no idea what it was, and could they check and give us an estimate, ( nervous teeth chattering as we spoke) plus we needed an oil change and the annual NY State inspection . ( More nervous chattering of teeth as we ask for a 12 year old car to be inspected …chatter chatter) ( each inspection at the dealers for the  past 3 years has cost us $600.00 or more) So we left the car, and I called back 1 1/2 hrs later to see what the damage was going to be on our checking account- it was 49.00 dollars! The squeal was a belt that needed adjusting, the inspection went fine, and oil change – no problem. They did not charge for the belt adjustment.

Mark was figuring 1200.00 dollars, and all kinds of pondering ( yes I said pondering from you Mark !) about if it is worth it to keep the car, and what will we do if we have just one car. Well, we are keeping it, and we remain with 2 cars for today at least.

My car –


we needed to get the front brakes checked, and the fiasco at the dealers last weekend was still making me cringe, and I could not stomach another prediction of 500+ dollars to repair them. The front brakes  are not symptomatic at all. We decided to instead go to  Cole this morning before taking the Intrepid over there. The service writer told us they could get it in in about 20 minutes and take a look. I am thinking another 200 to 300 dollars for front brakes if the rotors are bad, or best case scenario the 79.00 special to have the pads changed.

In 10 minutes the service guy was showing us the pad, and told us they were maybe 1/2 way worn, not in need of any service, and to just bring it back in before the snow season hits, and they will check them again.  Charge a BIG FAT ZERO! SO our possible 1500.00 dollar car day turned out to be less then 50 bucks.

Now my question is WHY DID MY BACK BRAKES GO????????????????? It is a front wheel drive car. The front brakes have more work to do then the back. And the back pads were worn to the rivets and damaged the rotors beyond repair. And they were not symptomatic till the night before we brought it in for repair. Something is fishy about the whole thing. But it is money under the bridge, and we have 2 cars with seals of approval. So we are happy about that.  So as I go off to clean and do laundry and work on some sewing projects, I smile – it is a good day. Love to all Mrs. Justa.