Pondering the whys again tonight. Like how does the car know if you have a little extra in a savings account? How does it know? We are far from wealthy but have been trying to save anything we can, and it takes a really long time to get 100.00 saved.

Mark went to take off in his car today, and it is squealing, like the sounds of a belt squealing. So off we go tomorrow morning to have it looked at. And my car, we gotta go have the front brakes probably done. I am not in a job that gives an opportunity for overtime, so if I needed to earn more money , it would be with another employer. AS I have stated in the past, I would not mind a per diem clinical job, but the hospital in this town was closed because the State felt it was not needed in this area. ( Now if someone from the state who made that decision has a heart attack in Fulton NY, I wonder if they will regret that decision??)

Another question- how can a simpleton like me question the stimulus package issues, and these experts who are giving O’BlahBlah guidance advise bailing out sucky businesses, whose practice issues are why they are where they are?  So we give these sucky businesses billions of dollars, so they can go under a few months later. So now the businesses are still failing, but they are not alone, now the country is failing with them. Maybe the intent is so they do not get lonely at the bottom of the barrel.

I have another question… how could a genius such as O’Blahblah have been hidden under a rock all these years. How many people do you know who feel they can run the financial spectrum, the automobile manufacturing spectrum,  the health care in the country, the amount people get paid. This guy is incredible ! LOL  As he is handing out trillions of buck-a roonies—I head Rush say that  O’blahblah’s wife is telling a group of people that we need not look to the government for solutions of financial problems, we need to look within ourselves, ..volunteer, work it out amongst yourselves. Maybe she was taking a nap when her hubby was explaining how the government is reaching into all of our homes, promising us a great future yet sucking us dry. 

Pondering… yes I am pondering. But WAIT>>>>>>Maybe O blahblah can pay for the car repairs, the repairs will keep the technician working, which means more payroll, the mechanic will need parts, so the parts people win ….and while we are at it… to help the economy, maybe he will pay for a garage to be built for us- that would put some people to work, they would pay income taxes, so it can be a win win. Maybe he is not so bad after all, where do I sign up?  Night night all, Love Mrs justa.