Life is fascinating. It is so neat to have a bird feeder in the yard.

We have these blue birds – I believe they are the “BlueBird” which is New York’s State state bird. I showed Jeff the photos last time he and his family were over, but he has not yet admitted to the fact that it is a Bluebird. Since then I saw it again singing on the top of our pine tree, and on the sign for the development we live in. I am going to get a better picture of it.

The feeder will sometimes get emptied quickly and it could be a day or so before I get to refill it. I am amazed how quickly the birds pass the word around that the trough has been filled. We now have a red squirrel, a few crows, a Baltimore Oriole , ( which Jeff doubts too .. but just wait I will get a photo of him too) Cardinals, blue jays, chick-a-dees, sparrows, robins, red winged black birds, even a chipmunk. The crow is too big for the feeder, so he plops his big feet on the edge and throws food on the ground by whacking it with his bill real quick. Than

he drops to the ground and chows away.

It just totally blows my mind, how in this huge world, we have a 12” bird feeder that is known to many.  I do find peace in watching them, and wonder, and I realize how unique life is for us. Look at all the living things that this world has living on it. These birds all have different personalities. If you really watch them, so are down to business, others happy-go-lucky. Some are scared, some are bold. Some even have the dreaded “entitlement syndrome”. Some share, some are greedy. Huh… much like the people in the world.

Have a great day. I will write again soon. love to all. and as always… remember.. the best things in life are free. Love Mrs Justa.