See full size imageHumor, a good belly laugh, finding the funny side of anything. it is a fun game to play. But you have to watch when you do the internal belly laugh and when you let one rip.( from google images)

Example- in boot camp, your drill Sergeant is yelling in your face, and if you bit your teeth  together you could probably prick out one of his whiskers or eyebrows… not a good time for a belly laugh.  Now that would be very hard for me. Yep, cuz in fear and in fright, I laugh. So I would be ground meat in boot camp.

When your teacher is reprimanding you in the classroom, in front of the entire class,  not a good time to let a deep rumble laugh out… me in that situation, I would have a really hard time and an ear to ear smirk would pop onto my face, like someone plastered it there suddenly, and well that earned a trip to the principals office. A place  I frequented more then I care to admit. Then I would have a hard time when the principal was talking to me. I personally am surprised I made it thru graduation!

100_2555 A traffic stop, another not so good time to let out a laugh. Again, I have a problem with fear, fright and being sternly looked at, it makes me laugh, and yep you guessed it, I get a ticket. I can not help it, I get scared or nervous and I am history.

How about your family member is really stressed out, pissed, and you happen to be the person he or she can vent to. Well if I am the chosen one, I try my darndest to hold in the laugh, I feel like I am going to split a seam in my side, it feels like my throat is going to pop from the compressed air I am holding inside from capturing that laugh, and once it leaks out, well then they get mad at me cuz they think I am laughing at them.

It really sucks having this problem, because I laugh at times I should be serious. I remember times my mom would get upset, she was like a volcano, screaming out names half backwards, babbling half words, going through all the kids names and not getting to mine, she would spit a little when she got angry, and you guessed it- I would laugh. And when I started I could not stop. Like a contagious laugh .

I had a boss once, she was a very large breast, short stocky woman with a drill sergeant face , she would cross her arms across her chest- well kinda across her chest and she would get the glare- just before she would shout out an order… as soon as I caught a glimpse of the glare and saw the arms struggling to clasp over her chest.. I was history, I would look to the floor, try to think of a painful time in my life, a toothache, anything to get me off this roar that was held up inside of me. Sometimes it worked, sometimes not. On year she gave me a PENNY raise , she said it was because I smiled too much. Ya know what I did… I laughed.

100_2367 Humor, it is a fun stress relief, it is supposedly how we stay younger then we are in real age, but it does get us in trouble. Still I laugh, I find so many things funny and then tie that in with it being my stress relief mechanism. crap I should still look 18! Have you ever tried to wipe  a smile off your face, each wipe makes it bigger. Holding a laugh until it bursts out,  when it leaks out it is an explosion.

As a parent I was always catching myself looking at Jeff or Adrianne and being firm but having to do a stage left quickly because I was laughing. I am positive Jeff remembers times when I would yell then start laughing, and saying “It isn’t funny” then laughing some more. Sometimes I would yell, and then have to find a pillow to laugh into.

Yep I am weird, I am strange, but HA HA… it is a fun way to be. Have a good ol belly laugh for me, won’t cha? Love Mrs Justa.