YA know people are out to screw ya! Ya have to always be on the lookout, Always try to fight for your rights. The car saga- this was fun.

I have the Extended Warranty through our car insurance company. It was written up as a very good warranty and the cost is really minimal. So the auto insurance has the warranty as part of the policy.

It clearly stated it did not cover brake pads, but then it did state it covers brakes. So off we went to the dealer, the one we always take the car to, to find out what this new noise is. Regardless of what they cover, the car needed help.

So the estimate is done, the car has 40,000 miles on it and the rear brake pads have grooved into the rotors. Now 5,000 miles ago the wheels were of a brake inspection was done, and there was no mention of worn pads or to have brakes done.

The agent  stated that “due to mechanical neglect” they were not going to pay for the rotors. Well this frosted my ass, I was pissed! I have the car in the dealers for any squeak, squawk , rattle or problem, plus all the routine maintenance has been done.

So I called the warranty person back, asked to speak with her manager, and asked her if she was insinuating that the pads wore down in 5,000 miles? Her response was no. So then I asked her, if I had the brakes actually looked at 5000 miles ago, and now the rotors are grooved beyond repair, and the noise just started last night… how can they tell me this is neglect? Was she stating I was to take the wheels off before I drive each time ? She said  no- that would not be practical.

We told the dealer to just fix it, and I told the warranty place I would go to the attorney general and complain about their business practices, for they were not standing by their product, by the warranty. Oh I was mad as heck!

In the end, a man with a rather strong accent, ( maybe Spanish or Mexican accent) called my cell and informed me that they were going to pay for labor and for the rotors.

So we got a 150.00 break on the bill, which was much appreciated, but they would have gladly just left me in the dust of “neglect” and “you do not maintain your car”

Be careful out there, watch your backs, know what your policy offers, and stand up for your rights! Mrs Justa